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Thank you for visiting today. This isn’t a new site, but the Blog and About pages are.

I originally launched this site when I applied to the graduate program Southern Polytechnic State University (now part of Kennesaw State University). I’m very grateful to marketing magicial Lauren Gwaley for her beautiful design that captures the old-fashioned values I  leverage when writing timely, relevant digital copy for my employer and in my classes.

The site design, portfolio samples, and digital biography allowed me to begin my graduate studies in information design and communication. As of May 31, 2015, I’m about half-way through the program, as I take one class each semester. I hope to earn my master’s degree before I perish.

For those of you in my summer digital rhetoric class, please visit my Blog page. I’m still noodling with the design, and may adjust it during the course, but I’m happy with this as a starting point. On the Blog page I’ll share my thoughts and musings concerning digital rhetoric, content strategy, and other topics of interest. They are intended for students and professionals in information and visual design, as well as content strategy and perhaps even usability and project management.

I appreciate your comments, and please feel welcome to reach out to me if you have questions or would like to continue the dialogue.

Blue Ribbon Home Canner

The About page describes how my career evolved from community journalist to online editorial designer for the largest bank-holding company in the country.

On the personal front, I really don’t get out much. In a few weeks I’ll begin my routine of canning the home-grown vegetables from my husband Joe’s garden. This year, he’s growing two kinds of tomatoes, four types of peppers, cucumbers, and various fresh herbs. We ate the last of the yummy home-grown organic lettuce last weekend. So far I’ve won a blue ribbon from the Virginia State Fair for pickled jalapenos, two red second-place ribbons (one for best display of pickled peppers), and three white third-place ribbons. My goal this year is to win a ribbon for some pepper jelly.

I canned eight cases of veggies in the summer of 2013.

I canned eight cases of veggies from our garden n the summer of 2013.

If you ever thought about getting into canning:

  • I highly recommend the FreshTech water canner. It sterilizes jars and seals the jars in three inches of water. (This site contains great recipes, too!) It’s expensive but worth it if you want to can fresh veggies, salsas, jellies, sauces, and more. The FreshTech appliance gets the job in half the time with three inches of water, instead of ginormous water canners containing four gallons of boiling water.
  • You’ll need some basic canning equipment. I highly recommend the Ball canning bible, some essential essential supplies plus a water bath canner if you choose not to get the $300 FreshTech appliance.
  • Then you need fresh produce (none of the waxed stuff from a grocery store), time and patience.

Be sure to read the recipe instructions carefully and give yourself time to master home canning. But if I do it, anyone, well, can.

Loud and Proud Hockey Mom

From September through early March, you can find (and hear) me at the rink cheering for my two teenage boys who play Tier II travel ice hockey with the Richmond Royals hockey club. Both of them have five years of travel ice hockey experience. For most of the fall and winter, they play games each weekend here in Richmond and in the DC area for the very competitive Chesapeake Bay Hockey League. Their schedule typically includes 21-24 games plus two tournaments each season.

Here, Daniel photobombs David’s goal at 17 seconds:

Here’s my favorite picture of Daniel (now 15):

Daniel got a penalty for interference when he was 10. We're still working on his issues with accountability.

Daniel got a penalty for interference during his first travel season. We’re still working on his issues with accountability.

Here’s the article I wrote last year about the Royals featured on the league Website:http://cbhl.org/news.php?news_id=1065363 .

Of course my boys picked one of the hardest sports to capture in a picture. I bought a second-hand digital camera and took a course from a professional photographer. It’s not each taking pictures of hockey players while they’re skating very fast on a reflective white surface in rinks with really bad overhead lighting.

Here’s a picture from Daniel’s division championship game in March 2013. That playoff game was the most fun I’ve had running a game with my stepson and son, though Daniel’s team lost the division banner by one goal.

Hockey really is the ultimate family sport. I kept the score sheet, my stepson Tony ran the clock, and DJ David spun the iPad tunes.

Hockey really is the ultimate family sport. I kept the score sheet, my stepson Tony ran the clock, and DJ David spun the iPad tunes, while we all cheered for Daniel. His team lost the division championship by one goal.

For the last four years, I’ve managed one of their teams, which is pretty much a part-time job. As team manager, I keep a notebook with players’ birth certificates and USA Hockey registrations, plus score sheets, rules, and rink clock instructions. I make sure that the parents on the travel team know where they have to be at what time, plus heed instructions from the head coach. I volunteer so many hours that I received the President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2013 after logging my hours with my employer. For the last year, I’ve also served on the hockey club’s board and acted as the club’s USA Hockey registrar.

Feel welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook. My personal email address is kspadaccia@aol.com. Thanks for reading!


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